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Project Description
ZipSpace is a Silverlight 4 application that shows how much space files occupy within any zip archive file.

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ZipSpace shows a TreeMap analysis of the space used within zip archive files. It also shows a DataGrid list of the files, with the name, size, compressed size, and compression ratio for each file. It provides similar functionality to SpaceMonger and WinDirStat, but for zip archive files only.

It's a Silverlight 4 application that can be installed and used out of browser. It checks for and installs updates automatically.

Many applications use the zip archive file format, including:
  • Microsoft Office 2007 (Office Open XML formats)
    • Word 2007 (docx files)
    • Excel 2007 (xlsx files)
    • PowerPoint (pptx files)
  • Silverlight Application Package (xap files)

Try it online
  • ZipSpace for Silverlight 4
    • better print support
    • file drag & drop to open
    • mouse wheel scrolling in the datagrid
    • supports selection from both the TreeMap and the DataGrid, with selections in one reflected in the other.

Live Preview

(running out-of-browser)
ZipSpace Screen Shot

-Jason Coon

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